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                                                    Ethernet over DS1 Bandwidth

Ethernet over DS1 (EoDS1) is one option for businesses that cannot obtain Ethernet over Copper (EoC), and that need increased bandwidth or require a connection to other locations. DS1, also known as T1, is more widely available to the majority of business locations in the US. This makes T1 an excellent option for Ethernet delivery for businesses that are located in small towns or rural areas.  

Ethernet over DS1 is delivered over copper wires that are used for phone lines. Almost all homes and businesses have access to phone lines. EoDS1 can be more expensive than EoC, but is usually far less expensive than an equal amount of bandwidth over bonded T1. EoDS1 is often provided with no installation cost. This makes it an excellent, less expensive option for companies that need to reduce their telecom budgets and are currently using bonded T1, fractional DS3, or full DS3.  

Ethernet over DS1 is most commonly available at speeds of 10 mbps. If higher bandwidth is required, Ethernet over DS3 (45 mbps) or FastE (Ethernet) are good alternatives. Ethernet over DS1 carries the same service level agreements as T1. EoDS1 can be used for 10 mbps point-to-point connections, MPLS networks or internet connections.  

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